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Professional Work-At-Height Accessories

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At Height Works we believe that good accessories are a must when you work at heights: gloves, toolbags, eye shields, rope protectors, rope bags, headlamps, etc...  As a Petzl dealer, we are always excited to tap into Petzl’s entire line of innovative accessories, which are the result of their many years in the field.

HEAD – there are a variety of accessories for integration with the Vertex helmet including:  chin strap extenders which lengthen the original straps, a nape protector for neck protection from the elements, the Vizir clear and tinted Vizir Shadow eye shields, and the Vizen a full-face shield.
Also included in these accessories are two of our favorite headlamps:  the Swift RL Pro and the Pixa 3 headlamps.

HANDS – the Cordex Gloves by Petzl are currently available in black or brown in 3 sizes.  They are light weight belay/rappel gloves that combine the durability of a work glove with the precise fit and dexterity of a thinner glove.  The low-profile neoprene cuff with velcro closure features a reinforced carabiner hole for attaching your gloves to your harness when you’re not wearing them.

TOOLS -  are you having to carry tools while you work at heights?  Look no further than the versatile Petzl toolbag.  Available in 3 sizes depending on the volume of tools you are needing to carry.

MORE FAVORITES – we have a variety of additional favorite accessory products, including:  the Caterpillar Rope Protector that helps protect a moving rope from abrasions, the Looping and Footape both of which are used for rope ascents,  and the PAW Rigging Plate that allows the work station to be organized while increasing the number anchoring options.

Stock up on your work at height accessories today and save 15% off accessories and carabiners until May 30/2021.

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