Choosing the Right Carabiner Shape

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Article and graphics by Petzl.


Petzl designs carabiners in a several shapes and with an assortment locking systems. This allows the user to choose the most appropriate and efficient features for a specific or wide variety of uses. Choosing the wrong carabiner often translates to reduced efficiency and/or comfort. In extreme cases it can reduce the level of safety as well.


A good choice of carabiner shape can increase ergonomics and security for certain uses.


The shape of the carabiner frame has an influence on:

• major axis strength

• load distribution

• gate opening size, and capacity

• strength in certain positions

• ease of handling
Another less obvious effect is the balance of the carabiner itself: for example pear-shaped carabiners rotate more readily, which can result in poor positioning. D-shaped carabiners tend to stay in place better.





DISCLAIMER:  The information outlined above is non-exhaustive and customers should refer direct to the Petzl website for proper Petzl equipment uses, misuses, updates and changes to tech notices that will be modified from year to year. 

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