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Inspection & Testing

Height Works offers a variety of Inspection and Testing Services designed to help your organization manage your risk, while ensuring the safety of your employees.

Whether you have new equipment to be tested and commissioned, window washing equipment requiring its annual recertification, or a boom lift about to elevate people, our inspection and testing personnel can provide your organization with practical inspection and testing solutions to meet all your needs.

Fire Department Testing offers aerial ladder, platform testing, and ground ladder, and safety equipment testing to meet the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standards.   As fire fighters are exposed to extreme circumstances, it demands the highest level of reliability of the equipment they use in the life saving elements of their job.  Because of this the NFPA requires very stringent annual testing to prove the performance of Fire Department equipment.

Inspection & Testing Services:

  1. Suspended Access Equipment Certifications:
    1. Tie-Back Anchors and Davit Pockets
    2. Building Maintenance Units (BMU’s), Suspended Platforms (Swing-Stages), Davit Arms
    3. Proof Load Testing
    4. As-Built Engineering Reviews
    5. Equipment Modifications
  2. Fall Protection Equipment Certifications:
    1. Soft Goods (Harnesses, Lanyards, Nylon Lifelines)
    2. Self-Retracting Devices
    3. Rescue Devices
    4. Engineered System Recertification
    5. Guardrails
    6. Equipment Cataloguing and Tracking
  3. Non-Destructive Testing:
    1. Magnetic Particle Testing
    2. Ultrasonic Testing – Flaw Detection and Thickness
    3. Visual Weld Inspection (CSA 178.2 Certified Visual Weld Inspectors)
    4. Crane & Lift Equipment Certifications – Mobile Boom Trucks and Articulating Cranes, Conventional Crawler and Tower Cranes, Overhead Bridge, Jib, and Monorail Cranes
    5. Spreader Bars, Lifting Beams, Lifting Attachments, and Rigging
    6. Manlifts, Telehandlers, and Forklifts
    7. Material Handling Equipment
  4. NFPA Fire Department Testing:
      1. Aerial Ladder/Platform Trucks (Structural Inspection, NDT, Load, Drift, and Performance Testing)
      2. Ground Ladder Testing (Visual Examination, Horizontal Bend Testing, Hardware & Roof Hook Testing)
      3. Training Centre Anchors (Proof Load Testing and Recertification)

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