About Us

Height Works serves Western Canada providing multiple safety service solutions for workers exposed to heights.  Whether you work in the public or private sector our professional experience ensures that you receive innovative and custom-tailored solutions that meet the needs of your organization.

Height Works delivers exceptional value by focusing on the critical 3 P’s – People, Processes, and Product – to help your organization achieve continued operational success:


Reduce Liability Exposure
Every day that your business operates it’s exposed to risk. Our mission is to drive down that risk by increasing your operational safety, especially when your employees are exposed when working-at-heights.

When you focus on keeping your employees safe in the work place, the returns are substantial:  your business gains a solid reputation for taking care of its’ employees;  you have less loss time incidents in the work place, which greatly reduces the cost associated with insurance premiums and short term leaves; and your productivity and profits remain strong because you have tenured employees continuously working in roles, which streamline work flow and helps create continuous daily work place efficiencies.

Maintain Regulatory Compliance
Regulations are constantly evolving.  Are you keeping up, or is your operational safety falling behind?

Let Height Works keep track of the regional and national regulations you need to meet in order to keep your organization compliant, your documentation current, and your business on track and profitable.

By cataloguing your equipment’s’ important information, we can generate automatic reminder notices for when your fall protection equipment inspections are due, thus taking the guesswork out of your equipment safety program.   We also electronically track codes, standards, and regulation updates to ensure our field personnel can help you make the informed decisions you need to make about operational safety.

Custom Engineered Solutions
Think Height Works is just another safety company? We’re not.  And we can prove it!
No other company in Western Canada offers such a complete range and true one-stop-shop for all your business’ work-at-height needs.  At Height Works you can access:  turn-key fall protection systems and installations; onsite safety systems and equipment use training; inspections, testings and certification services; combined with safety systems and personal safety equipment sales.

As a one-stop-shop, Height Works provides its clients with an experienced management team that can execute projects with a higher level of technical knowledge and thoroughness, that meets your project needs on time and on budget.