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Oct. 27. 2023 - Urgent Safety Alert from Petzl

astro bod fast astro bodfast harnesses petzl petzl products petzl safety alert safety alert

Dear Customers Today we received a critical notice from Petzl regarding Astro Bod Fast, Astro Sit Fast and the Canyon Guide harnesses. Height Works has already reached out to our valued customers who have purchased these harnesses direct through our business.  However, should you have purchased any of these harness products from another dealer please be advised of the following: Request for inspection of ASTRO and CANYON GUIDE harnesses following the detection of a defect on the gated opening attachment point of an ASTRO harness. Due to the risk of unintentional opening of this attachment point, which could result in...

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Ladder Safety Systems and Best Applications

applications of ladder safety systems benefits of ladder safety systems enhance workplace safety ladder safety systems

Discover the importance of ladder safety systems in the workplace and explore their versatile applications.

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Fall Height Statistics of Workplaces in Western Canada

alarming workplace hazard annual inspection and regular maintenance comprehensive training enhancing safety culture fall height statistics how to reduce work at height fall incidents Western Canada statistics workplace safety

Discover the alarming fall height statistics of workplaces in western Canada.

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Discover How to Enhance Workplace Safety through Fall Arrest and Rescue Plans

enhance workplace safety fall arrest fall arrest plans fall plans How to enhance workplace safety importance of rescue plans rescue plans site assessments and testing

In any work at heights environment, ensuring employees' safety is paramount. Falls from heights can lead to serious injuries or even fatalities, so organizations must prioritize implementing effective fall arrest and rescue plans. Height Works, fall protection safety experts throughout Canada offer comprehensive services to help organizations develop and optimize their fall arrest and rescue plans and procedures. Here’s how Height Works assists businesses in enhancing workplace safety and minimizing the risks associated with working at heights. Understanding Fall Arrest and Rescue Plans A fall arrest plan is a detailed strategy outlining the necessary measures and equipment to prevent falls...

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2022 Work-at-Heights Rescue Statistics for Alberta and B.C.

2022 Alberta Rescue Statistics 2022 British Columbia rescue statistics 2022 rescue statistics 2022 work at height statistics Formal plan for fall protection and rescue importance of rescue plans rescue awareness rescue plan rescue planning rescue procedures rescue statistics

When working at heights, ensuring employees safety is paramount. Despite preventive measures and safety regulations, accidents can and do occur, which begs into question the use of appropriate fall protection equipment and training of its users.  It is essential to explore heights rescue statistics that occurred in Alberta and British Columbia (B.C.) to highlight the importance of rescue equipment in mitigating risks and facilitating timely interventions in an effort to prevent rescue situations. Heights Rescue Statistics Alberta and B.C. rescue services responded to numerous incidents involving working at heights. Below are some of the key height rescue statistics in Alberta...

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