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Safety Tip: Have a Formal Plan for Working at Heights

fall protection fall protection plan Formal plan for fall protection and rescue rescue plan rescue procedures work at height hazards working at heights plan

When anyone in your organization works at heights, its critical to have a formal plan for fall protection and rescue procedures.

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Professional Work-At-Height Accessories

30kN Kwicklock Carabiner accessories accessory avao Bm'D Carabiner carabiners cordex gloves harnesses Height Works Height Works annual inspection services Height Works Carabiner Locking Systems Height Works fall protection carabiners Height Works fall protection safety experts newton newton easyfit Oxan Carabiner petzl swift rl pro toolbag vizen vizir work-at-height accessory

At Height Works we believe that good accessories are a must when you work at heights: gloves, toolbags, eye shields, rope protectors, rope bags, headlamps, etc...  As a Petzl dealer, we are always excited to tap into Petzl’s entire line of innovative accessories, which are the result of their many years in the field.

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Engineered Systems That Solve Everyday Workplace Fall Hazards

Annual Fall Protection Inspections arrest the fall building operations & maintenance building system equipment Engineered Fall Protection Systems Fall Protection Equipment and System Training fall protection for maintenance and cleaning projects fall protection ladder systems Fall protection systems fall protection systems for numerous obstacles free standing fall protection systems guardrails Horizontal Lifelines limited space fall protection systems mobile fall protection anchors

No two buildings are a like, therefore neither are the fall hazards presented in the work requirements within the structure of each of those buildings.

As a result, Height Works offers its clients a variety of solutions to solve the everyday fall hazards and working at height challenges that are presented. 

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inspection of low-stretch kernmantle ropes Petzl news

Released by PetzlJuly 21, 2020 REQUEST FOR INSPECTION OF PETZL LOW-STRETCH KERNMANTLE ROPES. Please be advised that one of Petzl's clients found 2 critical defects on their Petzl low-stretch kernmantle ropes.  To date, no other client has reported similar defects to Petzl, and no accident or injury is known.  Please read Petzl's complete advisory post (advisory link found below), if necessary, inspect your ropes.  Please click on the following link to be redirected to the Petzl website.LINK:  read Petzl's complete advisory and detailed product information.  

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Industry In Review: Health & Recreation Centers

building system equipment catwalks cooling towers fall protection Health & Recreation Centers Important fall protection topic Industry In Review: Health & Recreation Centers ladders large boilers mezzanines surge tanks unguarded rooftop edges ventilation shafts workplace fall hazards

Working at heights in health and recreation centers is an important fall protection topic.

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