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Regulatory Fall Protection Requirements for Western Canadian Provinces

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Compliance with regulatory fall protection requirements is crucial for industries that involve working at heights. Here are the basic fall protection regulations for Canadian provinces.

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Challenges of Working at Heights In Alternative Energy Sectors

at height structures fall arrest fall protection equipment fall protection safety expert safety helmets working at heights

Working at heights in alternative energy sectors involves the risk of falling from numerous at-height structures, like roofs and towers. Here are the safety challenges workers face.

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The Exosphere Line of Innovation, Automation and Technology.

exosphere exosphere all terrain exosphere by Tuff Built exosphere highway towable exosphere propane all terrain mobile fall protection solutions tuff built products

Tuff Built Products – Exosphere Line of Innovation, Automation and Technology! By Tuff Built Products   When fall protection and fall protection systems were first sought and introduced to the workplace, the solution was most commonly to bring the hazard to the solution where workers could attach to an engineered fall protection system, climb onto the object, vehicle, or structure, and work safely and that worked when the work (hazard) could be “herded” to the solution. Times changed and continue to change driving the need to bring the solution to the hazard using portable, telescopic, foldable, and multi-use fall protection...

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Vertex Helmets by Petzl

The Vertex helmet by Petzl is designed with a six-point webbing suspension system, conforming to the shape of a person’s head and designed with maximum comfort in mind.  Shock absorption is achieved through the deformation of the external shell.  The adjustable-strength chin strap makes this helmet ideal for working at heights and on the ground.  The unventilated outer shell protects against electrical hazards, molten metal splash and flames.  With its potential for integration with a variety of Petzl accessories, the Vertex is an entirely modular helmet that meets the needs of its professional users. The Vertex Vent helmet by Petzl...

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annaul inspection services Annual Fall Protection Inspections Annual Inspections Fall Protection Equipment and System Training Height Works annual inspection services

Gearing up for spring doesn’t just mean making sure your team has new equipment they need to work at heights, it also means that the existing engineered systems and PPE has received annual inspections, testing and certification for continued use.  

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