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2022 Work-at-Heights Rescue Statistics for Alberta and B.C.

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When working at heights, ensuring employees safety is paramount. Despite preventive measures and safety regulations, accidents can and do occur, which begs into question the use of appropriate fall protection equipment and training of its users.  It is essential to explore heights rescue statistics that occurred in Alberta and British Columbia (B.C.) to highlight the importance of rescue equipment in mitigating risks and facilitating timely interventions in an effort to prevent rescue situations. Heights Rescue Statistics Alberta and B.C. rescue services responded to numerous incidents involving working at heights. Below are some of the key height rescue statistics in Alberta...

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Safety Tip: Have a Formal Plan for Working at Heights

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When anyone in your organization works at heights, its critical to have a formal plan for fall protection and rescue procedures.

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Rescue Standby

Annual Inspections case study Horizontal Lifelines Inspections jag rescue kit rescue plan rescue planning rescue procedures Single Point Anchors

Rescue planning is essential to have in place for new engineered and existing fall arrest systems, and equally as important to have a rescue plan in place while these fall arrest systems undergo their annual inspections and re-certification services.

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