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Safety Tip: Have a Formal Plan for Working at Heights

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When anyone in your organization works at heights, its critical to have a formal plan for fall protection and rescue procedures.

When you create a formal plan for working at heights remember that its’ incredibly important to engage all the relevant stakeholders.  You can do this by creating a comprehensive communication plan, which will be a critical tactical element for everyone involved.  The result of creating a concise and comprehensive communication plan helps with stakeholder buy-in and makes every member of your team feel like part of the team.

As you set out to put the plan in writing, remember a few critical key elements that you should include outline the safe work procedure, the workers involved, what type of hazards are present, and mitigation measures.

A fall protection plan should clearly identify:

  1. All affected worker,
  2. the type of fall protection used,
  3. fall protection training requirements,
  4. who will be responsible for initiating an emergency rescue,
  5. and an outline of the rescue procedures.

Separate written fall protection and rescue procedures should be developed for:

1. All general work at height activities,

2. And highly technical situations that should each have their own distinct and separate procedures written for each unique technical situation that may occur.


If you want to discover how to create a formal plan for working at heights for your organization contact a fall protection safety expert at Height Works today!

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