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Case Study
Project:    Annual Inspections of Horizontal Lifelines and Single Point Anchors
Client:  Northlands c/o Levitt Safety

Rescue planning is essential to have in place for new engineered and existing fall arrest systems, and equally as important to have a rescue plan in place while these fall arrest systems undergo their annual inspections and re-certification services. 

Case in point the annual inspection and re-certification services, with on-site rescue standby during inspection operations that Height Works does annually for Northlands with Levitt Safety. 

The on-site rescue standby for this annual project is organized as part of the inspection rescue plan in the event an inspections worker fell and engaged the horizontal lifelines during the inspection process.  This annual inspection and re-certification project are done to ensure continued operational safety and compliance with the existing engineered fall arrest systems, which include over 50 horizontal lifelines and 37 single point anchors.

As a result of the annual inspection the client receives assurances that their systems are safe for continued use and that the workers performing the inspections were protected in the unlikely event of a fall during inspections.

During this annual inspection and re-certification services project Height Works used the JAG Rescue Kit by Petzl  (see below).

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