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What to Expect: Engineered Safety with Height Works

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You’re not just looking for a fall protection vendor; you’re in search of a partner. A collaborator who understands that a fall protection system isn’t just a line-item on a project budget but a life-line for your team. Height Works is that partner. We get it because we live it—every installation, every system training, and every gear inspection is a testament to our unwavering commitment to you and your teams safety. So let’s do this together.

The Journey Begins: The Kick-Off Meeting

Meticulous Preparations

In the journey toward safety excellence, the virtual kick-off meeting is where our partnership is forged. This is our moment to dig deep into site-specifics, risk assessments, and the core safety plans that will underpin the project. Your input isn’t just welcomed—IT’S VITAL.

What’s On the Agenda?

From site access requirements to crane usage, this meeting sets the tone for transparent communication and meticulous planning. Our unified mission is to ensure everyone goes home safe. Every single day.

From Plans to Actions: Our Quality Management Philosophy

Adaptability is the Key

The Quality Management Plan is the backbone of our project, a dynamic document that evolves with challenges and milestones. Our aim is to exceed your expectations, and this plan is the blueprint for that aspiration.

We Speak Your Language

We understand that every project has its own set of unique challenges. That’s why our Quality Management Plan is a living, breathing entity designed to adapt to the unique fingerprint of your site’s requirements.

The Heart of the Matter: Engineering and Drawings

Blending Artistry and Precision

Our draft design drawings transform your vision into reality. Meticulously engineered and customized for your specific fall protection needs, these drawings are far more than simple sketches; they serve as the foundational blueprint of your project's structure and design.

Consensus Before Construction

Before a single bolt is fastened, you get to review and approve the drawings. Your vision, after all, is the compass guiding this fall protection project.

Ground Zero: Implementing the Masterplan
Job Hazard Analysis (JHA)

Safety is more than a checklist for us; it’s a deeply ingrained part of how we approach each project. We begin with a thorough Job Hazard Analysis, where we closely examine every aspect of the site. From the risks of working at heights to navigating confined spaces, and from managing electrical hazards to dealing with moving equipment, we leave no stone unturned. This detailed analysis is then distilled into a clear, comprehensive document. But it's not just paperwork to us. Each team member reviews and signs off on it, ensuring we're all on the same page. This document doesn’t just sit in a file; it’s a living part of our project, guiding us in keeping everyone safe.

Your Safety, Our Crew

When the rubber meets the road, our seasoned team comes into play. With a supervisor, two technicians, and a ground helper/spotter, we are a well-oiled machine focused on one thing—ensuring the safety of you and your team.

Checklists and Double Checks

Prior to installation, all safety checks are carried out diligently. From lockout procedures to securing work areas, we leave nothing to chance.


Our installation process is where our expertise truly shines. Our team, comprised of seasoned technicians, approaches each project with a blend of professional pride and exceptional craftsmanship. Their skills span a broad range, from structural steelwork to meticulous bolting and welding, as well as conducting thorough weld inspections. They are also adept in handling various concrete embedments, ensuring every installation meets the highest standards of quality and safety.

System Commissioning

Before your fall protection system is officially put into operation, it undergoes a rigorous commissioning process. This critical step is performed by one of our skilled engineering technicians. They meticulously follow a multi-point inspection checklist, covering everything from bolt torque verification to non-destructive testing. Additionally, the process includes proof load testing, functional testing, and tension checks. This thorough commissioning ensures that your system is not only compliant but also fully prepared to provide maximum safety.

The Final Flourish: Training and Certification

Safety Isn’t a One-Off Event

After installation, we take you through comprehensive system training. From basic maneuvers to emergency protocols, we work as your partner to prepare you for every scenario.

Sealing the Commitment

All our installations conclude with a comprehensive technical report and a certification sticker, placing you in complete regulatory compliance, and providing you with peace of mind.

Conclusion: A Partnership Beyond Contracts

We’re in this for the long haul, invested in not just your immediate project but your ongoing safety. With Height Works, you’re not getting a one-time service. You’re entering a long-term partnership dedicated to elevating your safety standards each year and far beyond the bare minimum.

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