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At Height Works we believe that good gear, accessories and fall protection systems are a must when you work at heights.  And depending on what type of work you do, there are a variety of product combinations to ensure that you work safe - and are safe - all while performing your work at heights job. 

As Fall Protection Safety Experts, the Height Works team likes to stay closely connected to our vendors – Petzl, Gorbel, Pensafe, Tractel, Kee Safety and Tuff Built.  We do this to provide our customers with access to new and innovative products, accessories, custom engineered and mobile fall protection systems, all of which help make your job at heights efficient - and let’s not forget safe!


With permanent and portable anchors as one component of a system that keeps you safe, innovative portable anchors like the Coeur Pulse (a removable anchor with locking function), or the Connexion Vario (an adjustable anchor strap) or the Connexion Fixe (a durable anchor strap) make working at heights today more flexible.


There are many products designed to incorporate into your fallpro bag when working at heights, whether you’re looking for carabiners (like the RollclipZ), lanyards (like the Phoenix Two Arm Shock Absorbing lanyard), lifelines (like the Superline Lifeline 2 ¼” Self Locking Snap Hook) or self retracting devices (like the Blocfor AES Self-Retracting lifeline). 


At Height Works we sell the Vertex and Vertex Vent helmets.  There are a variety of accessories designed for integration and use with both these helmets including:  chin strap extenders which lengthen the original straps, a nape protector for neck protection from the elements, the clear Vizir and tinted Vizir Shadow eye shields, and the Vizen a full-face shield and headlamps that work while wearing either helmet.


Other great items for your fallpro bag include: ascension devices (like the Looping), descenders (ID’S or ID’L Self-Breaking Descender), Energy Absorbers (like the ASAP’Sorber), Fall Arresters (the ASAP Lock), single or double Pulleys (the JAG Double Pulley), Rescue Devices (the JAG Rescue Kit) and Rigging Plates (the PAW) make working at heights versatile to your unique needs.


At Height Works we provide a vast selection of harnesses for diverse work at height needs.  In addition you can find a number of accessories that work in tandem with your harnesses, like the Hi-Viz vest and Podium by Petzl.  In addition you can find any size of tool bag from our selections.


Let’s not forget about the variety of Ropes available to keep you safe while working at heights, and the Bucket Rope Bags used to store your ropes when they’re not in use.


At Height Works we offer a variety of kits.  And if we don’t have them online don’t worry we can bring anything in for from our vendors.

Shop smart and ensure that your fallpro bag has everything you need, and when in doubt don’t hesitate to contact the fall protection safety experts at Height Works.   

Choose right with Height Works.

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