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Elevating Safety: Height Works Annual Inspection and Testing Program.

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When it comes to fall protection, your team's safety is not just a priority—it's our commitment. That is why at Height Works, our Annual Inspection and Testing Program goes beyond a mere service. It is a promise to elevate your team's safety year after year. From proactive planning to meticulous on-site execution, each step of our fall protection inspection embodies our dedication to the continuous enhancement of your safety standards. Let's take a closer look at what you can expect when you work with Height Works through our annual inspection and testing program.

The Annual Inspection and Testing Program

Height Works' Annual Inspection and Testing Program unfolds in eight meticulously crafted steps. Each step is a strategic move towards fortifying your fall protection system, ensuring every component not only meets industry standards but exceeds them.

1. Proactive Planning: Setting the Stage for Safety Excellence

Before our technicians even set foot on your site, our inspection process has begun. Each site undergoes a thorough evaluation to produce a Safe Work Plan tailored to the specific requirements of the site type. With this information in hand, our team can ensure every potential risk is identified when conducting Field Level Hazard Assessments and implementing Fall Protection Plans on site.

2. Holistic Safety Measures: Beyond Equipment Inspection

Safety isn't just about inspecting equipment. It's about understanding the unique challenges of your environment. On-site, during our assessments, we confirm lockout procedures, control zones, and other safety requirements, securing work areas to guarantee the safety of both pedestrians and workers. Then, we develop a comprehensive database, a living record that stores summary data of inspection and repair activities for each piece of equipment and area.

3. On-Site Execution: Precision and Attention to Detail

As we set up access areas and extension ladders, utilizing control zones to limit traffic in potential drop zones, our technicians delve into the heart of your fall protection system. Armed with torque wrenches, hand tools, flashlights, extensible mirrors, and personal fall arrest systems (PFAS), they methodically inspect and service each piece of equipment. The result? An inspection document for each item, providing a detailed account of its condition.

4. Enhancing Traceability: Unique Asset Tagging

To further enhance traceability, we apply durable asset tags with unique identification numbers to each piece of equipment. This step not only streamlines the inspection process but also contributes to the comprehensive database, which electronically archives all relevant data and associated reports.

5. Identifying and Addressing Deficiencies: Transparency in Action

Our technicians are more than just inspectors. They are problem solvers. While evaluating each piece of equipment, our team springs into action if any defects or deficiencies are identified. Minor issues are addressed promptly, staying within pre-established cost guidelines. For more significant concerns, we provide transparent cost estimates for your consideration before proceeding with repairs. Every update is electronically archived in the data and associated reports for total transparency.

6. Rigorous Testing for Robust Safety

In instances where anchors require proof load testing, we deploy advanced tools like the HydraJaws load test kit, exerting load forces up to 22 kN (5,000 lbs) for wall anchors. This thorough approach ensures that every component of your fall protection system is not only inspected but rigorously tested to meet and exceed safety standards.

7. Detailed Documentation: Post-Inspection Technical Report

Following the inspection, our technicians produce a comprehensive field technical reports that outline system details, including identification numbers, types, locations, results, and repair recommendations. This report, signed by the field technician, is a complete overview of the inspection process, ensuring clarity and accountability.

8. Certification Excellence: A Seal of Quality Assurance

Furthermore, we provide an equipment certification letter outlining the inspected and tested equipment, unique identification numbers, building locations, and stamped by a professional  engineer. This certification isn't just a piece of paper. It is evidence of our unwavering assurance that your fall protection system is not only compliant but exceeds industry standards.


A Lasting Partnership: Beyond Compliance, Beyond Expectations

Our Annual Inspection and Testing Program is not just a routine inspection. It is a systematic examination in the hands of dedicated safety professionals for superior fall protection that guarantees the safety of your team. Elevate your safety standards with Height Works—a partner you can trust at every phase of the process.

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