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Engineered Fall Restraint Anchors on Social Housing Re-roofing Project

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Case Study
Project:  Engineered fall restraint anchors on social housing re-roofing project.
Client: Alberta Social Housing Corporation c/o Jason Global Roofing

A common theme exists in many re-roofing projects today – especially on twenty plus year old buildings – which is the discovery of a lack of, or non-existing fall protection systems.  As best practices have evolved over the years, most building owners of aging buildings are choosing to install fall protection systems to ensure that their employees and/or contractors are safe while working-at-heights on their property.

This was exactly the case for the engineered fall restraint anchors Height Works installed for the retrofit project on the sixteen buildings for the Alberta Social Housing Corporation, in conjunction with Jayson Global Roofing.  

The Alberta Social Housing Corporation deemed it necessary to ensure the safety of any work-at-height workers (employees and/or contractors) who climb onto their existing building roofs without suitable fall protection anchorage points, while at the same time a fall protection system would mitigate their liable risk. 

With sixteen buildings on site, each roof requires annual inspections and periodic maintenance and repair of shingles, and other types of roof penetrations that may occur through weather related events or normal wear-and-tear. 

The solution?  Height Works was able to provide Jayson Global Roofing and the Alberta Social Housing Corporation with a turn-key solution executed through design layout, structural engineering and assessment, product procurement, and the installation of more than one hundred Super Anchor Safety Permanent Roof Truss Anchors.

The result?  The Owner received a low-cost method to reduce their liability exposure and improve the safety of all work-at-height workers.  While the roofing contractor benefited from reduced project management involvement and no long-term liability exposure from having to install fall protection products and systems that they were unfamiliar with.

To learn more about this project, or to learn more about other fall protection solutions, contact the fall protection safety experts at Height Works today.

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