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Industry In Review: Rescue Plan

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Q.  Why is having a Rescue Plan so important?
Because its one of the most overlooked – and most critical – aspects of any fall protection plan.  The importance of a rescue plan is to identify and answer the question of how you would get a suspended worker down after a fall before suspension trauma occurs.

Q. Who does a Rescue Plan apply to?
A rescue plan applies to any worker, in any industry, who is using a fall arrest system and is exposed to a potential fall.

Q. What does having a rescue plan prepared solve?
A suitable rescue plan and procedure, combined with the right equipment and training, will potentially reduce or eliminate suspension trauma from occurring in the event a fall occurs with a worker.  And reduces the company’s liability exposure.

Q.  Is having a Rescue Plan legislative or mandatory?
Canadian OH&S Code states that workers shall have a suitable rescue plan in place, other than calling  911.

Q.  What is the best practice for Rescue Plans?
The best practice for a Rescue Plan is to have a written rescue procedure that is specific to the site and work tasks.  This rescue procedure should be reviewed by all workers who work at heights.  This may include an outside company performing rescue standby service, or in-house workers with the proper training and equipment performing the rescue.

Q.  What are the best rescue products available in the market today?
The Petzl JAG Rescue Kit is a complete, ready to use rescue system.  It is designed to easily pick-off and lower a fall victim to safety.  




The Petzl JAG Rescue Kit includes: 

  • Jag System haul kit
  • ring open gated ring
  • I'D Evac descender and integrated brake
  • Connexion Fixe 150 cm anchor strap
  • Bucket bag
  • Axis 11 mm rope with two sewn terminations
  • Available in 3 lengths: 30, 60, 120 mm.
  • Available on the Height Works website is the Jag Rescue Kit with 60 m rope length

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