Engineered Systems That Solve Everyday Workplace Fall Hazards

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No two buildings are alike, therefore neither are the fall hazards presented in the work requirements within the structure of each of those buildings.

As a result, Height Works offers its clients a variety of solutions to solve the everyday fall hazards and working at height challenges that are presented. 

If your organizations is experiencing a fall hazard while your workers are engaged working along a leading edge, then you might want to explore a variety of horizontal engineered fall protection solutions, including:  the Travspring Horizontal Lifeline System, which is an economical solution found in a proximity system; or the Travsmart Permanent Horizontal Lifeline System which provides smooth travel and allows the users hands to remain free to accomplish their tasks; or the Travflex 2 Permanent Single-Cable HLL System which is designed for light rooftop structures and ensures smooth hands free travel over anchors and around corners and can be installed on flat roofs, and sloped roofs and walls.

If your organization is experiencing a fall hazard at an edge of a barricade, platform, building, ramp, mezzanines, loading dock, hoist area, construction site then you might want to explore permanent or portable guardrail systems offered by Height Works through the T-Rail 17, a portable and non-penetrating guardrails system that meets OSHA guidelines for permanent guardrails without penetrating the roof as no drilling is required for installation.  

If your organization is experiencing a fall hazards within a production environment where space is limited then you might want to explore: a Swing Arm System, engineered when space is an issue or ceilings are inaccessible; or the Monorail Ceiling Mounted System for when floor space is definitely at a premium; or the Fold Away Systems that provide convenient fall arrest when extended and in use and then fold away when not in use. And fall arrest tracks can be installed on existing bridge cranes.

If your organization is experiencing a fall hazard in a situation where there are numerous obstacles, then you might want to explore the Tether Track Single Pole System, which is used regularly in tank car servicing or heavy-duty truck securing and tarping areas.

If your organization and your workers have a fall hazard at a ladder explore if the Stopcable Ladder Safety System is the right solution.  This system is adjustable on most permanent ladders, and is available in a variety of lengths from 20 to 600 ft.

If your organization requires a moveable free-standing solution  there are a variety of systems for various fall hazard applications, including:  the Portable Gantry System, which is ideal for applications where a permanent solution is not possible and allows for single or multiple users and can be moved out of the way when not in use; or the Monorail Free Standing System which is great for areas that require long spans and an independent structure for support; or the Bridge System whenever floor space is readily available to install column supports when changes in work practices are anticipated or when a buildings structure isn’t available.

And last but definitely not least, if your organization requires a mobile and towable anchor explore either the Exosphere All Terrain 4x4 Fall Protection Anchor System or Exosphere Highway Trailer Fall Protection System which is a towable mobile anchor systems used for maintaining aircraft, railroad cars, industrial equipment or heavy equipment in the field.

And if your fall hazard incorporates more than one hazard to tackle, that’s what your fall protection safety experts at Height Works are for! 

Give us a call today 403.201.8996 to discuss your fall hazard and together we can find a solution that meets your work-at-heights safety requirements, but also your budget!

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