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Key to managing your organizations risk, while ensuring the safety of your employees.


Gearing up for spring doesn’t just mean making sure your team has new equipment they need to work at heights, it also means that the existing engineered systems and their PPE has received annual inspections, testing and certification for continued use.  

Height Works offers a variety of Inspection, Testing and Certification Services designed to help your organization manage your risk, while ensuring the safety of your employees.

At Height Works we offer Inspection, Testing and Certification services for:

  • Suspended Access Equipment Certifications,
  • Fall Protection Equipment Certifications,
  • Non-Destructive Testing,
  • NFPA Fire Department Testing.

OHS states that despite prevention efforts, workers continue to fall because of the following top 5 reasons:

  1. fall-protection equipment is not available, not used, or is misused; and
  2. fall protective devices and/or systems like guardrails are missing; and
  3. equipment such as ladders and scaffolds are in poor condition or not used properly;
  4. working conditions such as poor lighting, slippery walking surfaces, and poor housekeeping practices exist;
  5. work practices are poor due to unclear job procedures, lack of training for workers and workers rushing and taking short-cuts to meet deadlines.

Focusing on the top three points from the above list are just some of the reasons why those of us at Height Works are passionate about Fall Protection!  

If we were to assume that an organization provides adequate fall protection equipment and/or systems to protect their work-at-height employees, then we should also be able to assume that proactively engaging in annual inspections of the same fall protection equipment or systems is equally valuable, or yet - even life saving!

So whether your organization has new equipment that needs to be tested and commissioned, or existing equipment that requires its annual recertification, Height Works’ inspection and testing personnel can provide practical inspection and testing solutions to meet all your organizations needs.

Visit our Inspection & Testing services page for more details about these services.  

As Fall Protection Safety Experts, at Height Works we love working with organizations that are as passionate about fall protection as we are! 

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