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The Exosphere Line of Innovation, Automation and Technology.

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Tuff Built Products – Exosphere Line of Innovation, Automation and Technology!

By Tuff Built Products


When fall protection and fall protection systems were first sought and introduced to the workplace, the solution was most commonly to bring the hazard to the solution where workers could attach to an engineered fall protection system, climb onto the object, vehicle, or structure, and work safely and that worked when the work (hazard) could be “herded” to the solution.

Times changed and continue to change driving the need to bring the solution to the hazard using portable, telescopic, foldable, and multi-use fall protection systems in all workplaces.

Exosphere Model 70924 - Propane All-Terrain:


Tuff Built Product’s – the Exosphere Portable Fall Protection Systems are the most innovative, automated, and advanced products in their class of portable, counterweighted fall protection systems available in the marketplace today.

Each system addresses the desired need for moveable, telescopic, rotating anchor systems for up to two persons per unit with all having rescue feature built into each system design.

Each model and system features a rugged steel base with the upper structure constructed of high-quality lightweight aluminum extrusions.  The center of gravity is as low as possible for improved stability during set-up, storage, and operation.

Each system is designed and rated to provide overhead fall protection for two (2) workers (one per anchor point) each weighing a maximum of 310 lbs (141 kgs) including all clothing, tools, and equipment.

Self-retracting lifelines are used as the connecting means and system must have a maximum arrest force (MAF) rating of 1800 lbs (8kN) or less.

For most foldable, telescopic models, foldable, six (6) foot anchor arms are provided to minimize time and effort to set the units up.

Various methods of transport and system bases are available for various applications, locations, and needs.

These include forklift bases (for both soft and hard surfaces), indoor or outdoor – push/pull bases, highway towable and off-road trailer mounted units and finally the most advanced system on the market, the all-terrain, 4 x 4, remote-controlled (gasoline, diesel or propane fueled) models.

Exosphere Model 70726 - Highway Towable Model:

Standard with all Exosphere models are a 360° rotatable head that allow a complete rotation of the fall arrest anchor arms, giving workers a greater safe work zone to work under when at height.

Other options can also include anchor arm lengths of four (4) and six (6) feet for most models, two and four stage mast heights from twenty-four (24) feet to thirty-eight (38) feet (with a maximum anchor point height of approximately forty-two (42) feet).

Exosphere Model 70764 - All Terrain Model:

Mounting options include both permanent vertical and foldable masts.  Foldable masts being ideally suited when transporting or moving the unit from site to site or under lower structure such as doorways, aircraft wings, to name a couple of common examples.

The counterweight cube bases are sized to suit the model with each model delivered with cube factory-filled concrete.

Operation lifting power options include manual, 12-volt electric/hydraulic or for some selected, shorter models, winch-operated (limited models).

Other accessories are available including but are not limited to LED lighting etc.

All Tuff Built Products Exospheres and equipment are designed and manufactured in Winnipeg, Manitoba and are a proudly Canadian Company.

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