Industry In Review: Building Operations & Maintenance

building operations & maintenance CSA Standards industry in review OH&S

Q.  Who does Building Operations & Maintenance apply to?
Property and building operations mangers, and High-rise window washing service providers.

Q. Why is it important to talk about Building Operations & Maintenance?
It ensures building owners and operators are compliant with OH&S and CSA Standards.

Q. What does compliant building operations and maintenance solve?
It prevents dangerous conditions from developing and validates the structural performance of anchor assemblies and supporting structure

Q. Is it legislative or mandatory?
Annual inspections are legislated at a minimum with load testing of certain types of anchors every five years.  Provincial OH&S codes refer to CSA Z91 and Z271 as mandatory standards to follow.

Q.  What’s the best practice?
Through-bolted, cast-in-place, and weld-on anchors require load testing only at the installation/commissioning stage; however, best practices are to load test all anchors every 5 years combined with annual inspections, especially with older buildings and equipment.

Q.  What’s the best product to meet the requirements of Building Operations and Maintenance?
Engineered anchor points, including:  Pocket Anchors for flush mount installations, Wall Anchors, or Stanchion Anchors.


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