Safety Tip: The Importance of Annual Safety Equipment Inspections

annaul inspection services Height Works annual inspection services safety equipment inspections Safety Tips The importance of annual safety equipment inspections

Back in March 2015 OHS Canada reported that that more than 40,000 workers In Canada get injured annually due to fall accidents. This total number represents a significant chunk of “lost-time injuries” accepted by workers’ compensation boards or commissions across Canada. In addition to great economic loss, falls cause pain, suffering and claim lives.

OHS stated that despite prevention efforts, workers continue to fall because of the following top 5 reasons:

  1. fall-protection equipment is not available, not used, or is misused; and
  2. fall protective devices and/or systems like guardrails are missing; and
  3. equipment such as ladders and scaffolds are in poor condition or not used properly;
  4. working conditions such as poor lighting, slippery walking surfaces, and poor housekeeping practices exist;
  5. work practices are poor due to unclear job procedures, lack of training for workers and workers rushing and taking short-cuts to meet deadlines.

Just focusing on the top 3 of the above listed top reasons workers continue to fall on the job is exactly why Height Works is as passionate as we are about Fall Protection!   Assuming that an organization provides adequate fall protection equipment and/or systems to protect their work-at-height employees, proactively engaging in annual inspections of the same fall protection equipment and/or systems is equally valuable, or even yet life saving. 


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