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Industry in Review: Rigid vs Flexible

fall protection fall protection systems industry in review Industry In Review: Rigid vs Flexible Rigid vs Flexible Systems

Over the last year as more and more companies appear to be entering into the fall protection field, there seems to be more conversation around project quote prices, followed up with detailed conversations around the differences between rigid vs flexible fall protection systems, and which system meet the requirements of the project specifications?   As a fall protection company who provides both types of systems, we find that this is a conversation we are engaging in more and more.   

In the simplest way, we can say that rigid and flexible fall protection systems provide the same objective – at least in theory.  Both types of systems are designed to provide a fall arrest for work-at-height workers.  But to say that they provide the exact same result while their dollar value differs is a completely different conversation. 

Both systems have very huge differences in their overall performance, and there are a couple of key differences that impact their overall performance.











Gorbel Monorail Ceiling Mounted Rigid System. Available through Height Works Ltd.  



As a fall protection safety expert, we’ve been seeing often lately contracts being awarded because of the bottom line, not because the system proposed is the best fit or even the right system solution for the outlined requirements and/or the installation situation.


Tractel Travsmart Flexible System.  Available through Height Works Ltd.


Because we’re passionate about fall protection, we’d like to help educate our customers on the differences.  Below we’ve outlined some of the subtle differences between the two types of fall protection categories:  RIGID vs FLEXIBLE.   


If you have any questions about RIGID vs FLEXIBLE fall protection systems, the fall protection safety experts at Height Works would like to connect! 

You can send a contact request by clicking here, or give us a call direct at 403-201-8996.   We look forward to hearing from you.

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